International Travel Insurance – Prudent Protection For Journeys Abroad |

Travels abroad offer the chance to tour the globe’s most exquisite attractions, become acquainted with different ways of life, and generally broaden one’s own perspective. International travels are always a fresh adventure, but unexpected emergencies or events occurring abroad can be far more disruptive and difficult than the same events might be if they occurred back home. International travel insurance is a wonderful way to attain the type of security and reassurance that comes from knowing that an unforeseen medical situation will not result in financial disaster, and that access to appropriate and necessary medical care will not be restricted.

Tourists embarking on risky or unconventional physical endeavors, such as rock climbing, white water rafting or deep sea diving may find that the medical insurance policy which covers such activities at home will not provide coverage if such sports result in injuries while abroad. Travelers spending time in countries with nationalized health care schemes need to know that the inexpensive or even free medical care offered by those systems will likely be available to citizens only, and foreign visitors may be denied treatment or be asked to pay upfront for services. Hospitals and health care providers in other nations may decline to work with a traveler’s regular home insurance company, and demand payment in advance for necessary treatments. It is also possible that a tourist may face a medical situation so serious that proper treatment is unavailable and they must be transported home, which can be a very expensive proposition. It is quite possible that even when a traveler’s regular medical policy provides for routine health care costs while the insured is traveling, payment for an elaborate evacuation due to medical reasons would be refused. It is unexpected situations like those above which underscore the wisdom of purchasing international travel insurance.

Intended to provide compensation for unexpected healthcare and other expenses to travelers while abroad, international travel insurance can be purchased in various types and levels of coverage, the price of which is determined by a number of factors including the duration, destination and other specifics of the trip involved. Coverage for shorter durations is often available for purchase in conjunction with the making of travel reservations. In the alternative, more extensive coverage of a longer term may also be secured. These types of policies are frequently offered by cruise operators, excursion companies, travel agents and large national general insurance firms.

Policies for international travel insurance can be customized based on the characteristics of the traveler to be covered by the policy. Business travelers, vacation trippers, adventure tourists and students are all specific types of customers for which different kinds of policies are written. Circumstances that may be covered by these types of policies include payment of basic medical expenses incurred, accidental injury or death benefits, and possibly even funeral costs for services performed while still abroad. Medical costs incurred during pregnancy may be included in this type of policy, if the travel happens during the insured’s first trimester, and perhaps beyond, if a customized or expanded policy is purchased.

Business Jet Charter – The Benefits You May Not Have Considered |

Traveling by way of the airlines used to be an enjoyable experience. Often a fine meal would be served, and passengers were provided white glove service.

Today, business travelers are forced to endure lengthy pre-board security screening, long lines at the airport, multiple connections, and a cattle-call atmosphere. Fortunately there exists a great alternative – flying on private business jets. You don’t need to own your own aircraft to enjoy this modern convenience. Chartering an aircraft today is as simple as making a phone call. Business jet charter has replaced aircraft ownership, fractional ownership and jet card membership schemes because is it flexible and cost-effective, requiring no up-front deposits or long-term commitments.

The benefits of utilizing a business jet charter are numerous;

Travel on your own schedule

  • Arrive to the airport and immediately board your aircraft, with no delays.
  • Avoid connecting flights that prevent you from accomplishing your business all in one day.
  • Make multiple visits to clients in different cities and return home refreshed the same day, in time for dinner with the family.

Travel in privacy

  • Work on the aircraft without the worry of others hearing your conversation or reading your computer screen.
  • Sleep in a peaceful, quiet cabin as your prepare for your next stop.
  • Prevent your competitors from learning who you are visiting today.


  • Utilize over 5,000 airports available nationwide, compared to only 500 airports used by airlines.
  • At many airport locations, you drive right up to your aircraft where your luggage is immediately and carefully loaded onto the aircraft for you.
  • No worries about your luggage being lost on a private aircraft.
  • Equipment that you’d never risk on an airliner can be safely transported by private aircraft.
  • Pets can fly in the cabin with you and, in most cases, can sit in your lap or at your feet.
  • Special amenities on board business aircraft, such as satellite phones, help keep you in touch with other employees on the ground during rapidly changing situations.
  • Elderly passengers and those needing special assistance find that traveling by business jet relieves the stress and uncertainty that comes with connecting flights when traveling by airlines.

Many businesses are now utilizing the efficiency of business jet charter to catapult their businesses above the competition. Approximately 90% of the companies on the Fortune 100 list utilize business aircraft. The competitive advantage that an aircraft provides is priceless.